About Us

BMR Advisors is a professional services firm offering a range of Tax, Risk and M&A advisory services for domestic and global business of all sizes. The firm enhances value for clients by focussing on solutions that are innovative yet practical, and that can be implemented. This is achieved by blending domain expertise with analytical rigour while maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality, and by hiring and nurturing high quality professionals with a passion for excellence. BMR is committed to making a difference to clients and to its people, and delivers this through the integrity of its efforts and by living its core values.

Our Evolution

Founded on October 1, 2004, the firm has won the confidence of several Fortune 500 companies and is the partner of choice for advisory services. The respect that the firm commands is evident in the fact that it is consistently rated among the top tax and M&A brands in India. A team of over 600 professionals has extensive functional and industry expertise across service areas and is well-equipped to deliver world-class services to clients.

BMR offerings are structured under the following practice areas:

• Tax & Regulatory

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Risk & Advisory

Understanding Business

We invest time to analyse your business objectives, operations and markets, so that we are properly focussed on your requirements. As standard practice, we seek to understand the broad industry framework within which our clients operate and the key regulations that may uniquely apply to those industries. In selected key industries we dive deeper so that we have a better appreciation of industry regulations, market structure and industry practices and dynamics. We are able to apply this understanding and blend it with our extensive technical skills to deliver effective advice.

Our industry efforts currently focus on the market segments that are having the greatest impact on the renaissance of the Indian economy. We constantly review our industry focus to ensure that we strategically allocate resources and refine our programmes, in step with developments in the economy.

New Business Models

Innovations in the supply chain, re-allocations and migration of functions, assets and risks, structuring commercial transactions, outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts or franchising—domestically or across multiple jurisdictions – we are ready to advise you on the tax, risk and transaction implications of all these and more.

The Big Picture

Our advice seeks to look beyond the impact of a single tax or transaction. Instead, we take into account the resulting implications across a range of direct and indirect taxes, regulatory requirements and foreign trade policy, to develop an optimum, holistic solution.

Implementing Innovative Ideas

Our endeavour is to go beyond the obvious and challenge conventional thought. We firmly believe that every idea is only as good as its effective implementation, so that clients can be sure that the solutions we craft will work. We know that we will gain confidence and retain it only when we provide practical advice in every interaction that you have with us.

Our People

Our professionals are passionate about our selected domain expertise. We collaborate to share knowledge, capitalising on our collective expertise to provide high quality tailored advice that helps relieve the pressures associated with making complex decisions.

Our partners and senior professionals are acknowledged leaders in their chosen areas of expertise, ensuring that you adhere both to best practice and to prevailing law at all times. We are independent, hence not diverted by audit-led conflict checks, enabling us to deliver practical advice in a responsive, timely manner.

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